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We don’t see ourselves as data entry workers or form filers, we see ourselves as important members of our clients' lives. We're like your doctor or dentist; you're not particularly excited for the process, but hopefully, you're looking forward to seeing us, as much as we are looking forward to seeing you. 


We're here to help

We strive to build a personal relationship with our clients. We see you through the most exciting times of your life: a first home purchase, marriage, birth of a child; as well as the difficult times: divorce, death in the family or the loss of your home. We are with you each step of the tax process in these events and more.

We will be there when you need us; good times and bad, to help you get through it all and answer your questions.

Tax Preparation

Tax season can be a stressful time of the year for many individuals and businesses. We can help relieve the pressure. Our goal at World Class Unlimited is to make the process of filing your tax return to go smoothly, making sure that you receive all the credits and deductions for which you qualify.

Individual Tax Preparation

Federal 1040
Itemized Deductions
Sch. C - Sole Proprietors, Single Member LLC
Sch. D, E, F and Other Schedules
All States that have Income Tax

Corporate Taxes

Federal 1120 and 1120S (S-Corp)
Shareholders K-1
Business Income/Expenses
Sch. L Balance Sheet, Sch. M1 and M2
State Business Tax Returns

Partnership Taxes

Federal 1065
Partnershares K-1
Partner Income/Expenses
Sch. L Balance Sheet, Sch. M1 and M2
State Partnership Returns

Estates & Trusts

Federal 1040 - Income/Expense After Death
Federal 1040 - Income/Expense in a Trust
Federal 1040 - Estate Tax on Property
Beneficiaries K-1
State Tax Returns Where Required

Our Tax Service Philosophy

We know the goal of every taxpayer is to minimize what is owed to the government. Our philosophy is to make sure our clients do not overpay but pay only what they owe. We look at each client's individual situation and make sure that we prepare their taxes in a manner in which they claim all credits for which they qualify.

We hope to educate and guide our clients to understand, strategize and prepare for what they may owe. Our goal is to make sure you know what you need to know. Whether it is a year in which there is an energy credit and they can plan to take advantage of it or when a child turns 17 and the parents lose the child tax credit.

How do we accomplish this?  We stay up to date with new tax laws and reforms, the continuing education of our preparers, and double-checking each return by having at least two preparers review each return. It is not uncommon to see our office in a debate if a question arises.  We try to make sure that every return is done right the first time. If we make a mistake, then we take responsibility for it and correct the situation.

That is our guarantee.

Planning & Consulting

Planning how to handle future tax and business issues play an important part in the lifecycles of individuals and business alike. Ask us how we can help make the future less stressful. Planning for what is to come is something that most of us put off. Planning for life changes whether it is getting married, retiring, or buying/selling a business makes these events more successful.